In this assignment for our Advanced Multimedia Production class, we were to create an interactive catalog.  Our requirements were to include three main product categories, and to fully develop one of the categories with individual products.  Additional screens were to provide information about the company and/or product.  We were also required to include a video element.  I chose to make a catalog featuring Fender guitars, and fully developed the electric guitar product category.  In the catalog, the user can select the series/price point of each model of guitar, which then provides the different colors available for each series.  The user can click on the color swatches to see combinations of the different body and neck colors that are possible.  Ultimately, the user would be able to add the product shown to a cart and submit an order electronically, but that was beyond the scope of this development.

*** This project is fully functional if you have Flash. Please note that only the Electric Guitar option within the Guitar Catalog has been developed and is active.  If you do not have Flash, I have included screen shots below to look at instead. ***

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Screen shots of project